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Planning and Creating a Budget

The need to establish a family budget is not limited to tough economic times; it is the foundation for creating a path leading to financial stabilit...

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Selecting the Right Accounting and Tax Software

When it comes to choosing accounting software for your business the options appear overwhelming. The proper selection would depend on the nature and...

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Investment Debt and Equity Securities

The term investment securities refers to a broad class of instruments purchased for investment purposes that provide a return based on the periodic ...

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Equity Securities and How They Work

Equity Securities represent an ownership position or equity in a corporation. Ownership interest in a corporation is evidenced by shares of stock. E...

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Debt Securities Information and Planning

Debt securities are basically Promissory Notes that pay interest and the return of principal at the end of a specified term. Debt securities are i...

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Reporting Self Employment Income and Tax Deductions

Self-employed individuals are required to report to the IRS the total amount of earnings (gross income) from their business or profession. As an off...

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